10 Reasons to Visit Victoria

Social Media Camp is reason enough to justify a trip to Victoria. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Scenic coastlines, a vibrant culture and unique West-coast feel characterize British Columbia’s capital, giving rise to these 10 reasons why you should visit Victoria.

1. Explore the Friendliest City in North America In Victoria, the best way to meet a local is to hold a map, looking slightly lost. We’re drawn to people like bears to honey and generally love to help and show off our favourite local hotspots. That’s why Victoria was named the world’s third friendliest city by Condé Nast Traveler in 2014, topped only by two towns Down Under. But don’t just take our word for it, come visit and find out for yourself.

2. Hop On a Pickle Boat Pub Crawl Whether you’re hoping for a deliciously quick bite, mouth-watering seafood or steak, unique modern experiential dishes or simply a night out with award-winning cocktails and brews, Victoria has it all. For a fun night with a nautical twist, head on a Pickle Boat Pub Crawl. The Victoria Harbour Ferry takes you to your choice of four restaurants and pubs, including Swans, Canoe, Blue Crab Seafood House and Lure to get a taste of local favourites.

3. Realize Unmatched Networking Potential at Pubs on Government Street Victoria’s intimate downtown core stimulates a deeper dimension of networking. Connect with North America’s brightest social media minds as you run into speakers and attendees as you’re raising a glass to a successful day in one of Victoria’s many pubs Kayaking Inner Harbour Victoriaalong Government Street. Just a couple blocks up from the Fairmont Empress, start at the Bard & Banker and cheers your way through to The Churchill, Garrick’s Head Pub and the Irish Times. With a drink in your hand, great ideas will be born the way they always have…by accident.

4. Head Outdoors for Exhilarating Adventures Discover the great outdoors in Canada’s mildest climate. Zoom through the waves for a breathtaking encounter with local wildlife on a whale watching tour or take a seat in a vintage style motorcycle sidecar for a scenic and unique tour of Victoria’s coastline. Alternatively, rent a stand up paddle board or bike to explore the city on your own terms.

5. Step Into the Colourful Galaxies of Victoria’s “Nerdvana” The gateway to comic worlds brighter than your most vivid dreams, Victoria boasts a vibrant fan culture that we affectionately call Megatronic Playfullism. Step back in time as you rediscover long forgotten arcade games at Cherry Bomb Toys, vivid comics at Legends or Curious Comics and the vinyl soundtrack of your childhood at Lyle’s Place. Don’t forget to also pick up some eclectic souvenirs Oscar & Libby’s Gifts for the Upbeat & Offbeat (a solar powered waving Mona Lisa anyone?) or else none of your friends will believe that a world this magically fantastic actually exists.

6. Ditch the Traffic and Go For Walk in the Park Leave your car and road rage at home to take a walk. Adventure past the Inner Harbour and explore Beacon Hill Park. Home to colourful peacocks and fun-loving goats at the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm, this park stuns with its charm and abundance of natural beauty. Keep walking south until you hit one of the world’s tallest totem poles and soak in the ocean views from Dallas Road.

7. Recharge Your Batteries and Make This a Mini Vacation Victoria may just be a hop away from Seattle and Vancouver, but it feels like you entered a completely Harbour Ferry in Fisherman's Wharfdifferent world. Take a deep breath of fresh marine air, listen to the happy chatter of friendly locals and let go. Whether you like to get pampered at a spa or enjoy spending a day strolling to the beach through historic streets, Victoria delivers relaxation with its one-of-a-kind West Coast ambience and old-world charm.

8. Pick Up All Sorts of Knowledge in Canada’s Smartest City Home to brilliant entrepreneurs and innovators, Victoria’s technology sector is the number one private industry in the city, giving rise to the nickname Tectoria. ViaTeC’s Fort Tectoria provides the community with a central hub to bounce ideas around and help turn startups into thriving business partners. Make the café your workspace and enjoy great company and free Wi-Fi.

9. Discover a Unique Blend of Cultures and History Cultures of all continents and ages mix in Victoria, creating a unique West Coast dynamic. Steeped in rich colonial British history and influenced by immigrants of all backgrounds, Canada’s oldest British Columbia Legislative BuildingsChinatown is only a few steps from authentically British Afternoon Tea. Similarly, modern fusion cuisine is served in historic buildings, creating an atmosphere that is beyond words. Come see it for yourself!

10. Attend Canada’s Biggest Social Media Conference Here’s another fun fact: Victoria was the first city in the world to declare Social Media Day! What started with a handful of Twitter’s early adopters getting together for Tweet ups, has turned into Canada’s largest social media conference. Social Media Camp draws in a large crowd of participants from all walks of life and an abundance of industries. It’s the perfect chance to fill up on Social Media tips and tricks and visit beautiful Victoria.

Author: Dorothee Rembold, Tourism Victoria Victoria’s biggest fan and Content Marketing Specialist at Tourism Victoria. She’s overly excited to attend Social Media Camp and can give you a further million reasons why you should travel to Victoria. Tweet her at @dororembold for more tips on how to have the best time in Victoria. Social


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