10 tips to get the most out of SMC 2013 (or any other conference)! (Part 2 of 2)

Whether you have signed up for Canada’s prestigious Social Media Camp in Victoria, BC  – or you have your own event or conference to attend, I’ve shared my top 10 tips that will help you get the absolute best bang for your buck!

Here are the last 5. And just in time for 3 exciting days at Social Media Camp. The first 5 were released on Friday.

6) Qualify your audience and go deeper

As you begin to meet the numerous attendees at the conference, hone in on the conversations and connections that seem most relevant and energizing to you and your business. Focus on these people throughout the conference and look for opportunities to grab coffee or go for lunch to dive deeper into conversation and exploring real opportunities.

7) Capture the content that resonates to re-purpose in your own voice

After the conference is over, share a reflection post highlighting your key learning’s, takeaways, and relationships that came out of the event. In this post you can use notes, video, audio, pictures, and more importantly reference the personal conversations and experiences you had. You can then reach out to these new connections you made and let them know you appreciated their connection – and featured them in your recap post.

This is all about continuing the conversation and exploring potential opportunities.

8) Have fun! I mean it!

Again for me, this is a tough one because I get caught in the mindset that events are strictly professional development or educational. Sometimes the best experiences and ‘AHA’ moments will occur in the unscripted moments. Whether it’s skipping the next presentation to go for lunch with a group you had a great connection with, or taking advantage of a spontaneous moment that you know will be a lot of fun.

Enjoy the whole experience, ‘having fun’ will ensure more powerful learning’s and takeaways overall.

PS – I still recommend this even if it is my presentation that you are choosing to skip! 😉

9) Get a breath of fresh air

Conferences and events can be exhausting. Between networking, socializing, and the presentations themselves by afternoon it can feel as if our head is ready to explode – that or you need a major power nap.

Get out of the venue and go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air. Give yourself the time to reflect and let your subconscious process what is going on. Don’t think of this as time that your missing out on more networking – instead you can re-frame this experience as an opportunity for your subconscious to process what is really important from everything you have taken in so far.

10) Follow up and stay connected

This is where magic happens.

After the event, take some time to think about the people and conversations that really resonated with you and your business. Now take the time to follow up personally with these people. Share with them your experience, and share why you want to stay connected or continue the conversation.

As I always say, expect to get out of it what you put in. If you take one second to send them a generic LinkedIn request, expect that they will reciprocate that second by clicking delete to the email notification. If you send them a meaningful thank you email, or better yet a hand written letter, expect a deep and meaningful conversation and relationship to begin!

Ask yourself the question “how important is this connection or relationship?” – and then honor that response with your method of following up.


If you are attending #SMCamp in Victoria and are interested in learning more about social media and driving strategy through building authentic relationships and communities – I would love for you to join me from 2:45-3:45 on May 7th to take part in an interactive session of highlighting best practices, case studies, and powerful stories in this space!

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Consider me your sounding board for any of the above points – I personally love making new connections and having meaningful conversations, you can always find me on twitter, @TyrellMara 

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