Why Social Media Marketing is Like Trail Mix (It’s Necessary)

Trail mix with dried fruit and nuts

Trail mix with dried fruit and nuts

Social media marketing is quickly becoming necessary for the growth of most businesses. While you might not initially get the “Likes” or comments you seek, if you use the right strategy, eventually your business will start to gain positive attention. This type of marketing is typically part of inbound marketing efforts, where content and rich media pull audiences into the perspective of a business.

According to a recent article in Business2Community, 50% of active Facebook users check the platform more than once a day. In addition, 27% of active Twitter users check their profiles more than once a day. Businesses are also using social media more and more. By 2017, 89% of businesses will use social media.

Take a glance at how social media marketing is like trail mix for your brand:

Easy (or Easier to Make Compared to Fine Cuisine)

Setting up social media accounts for businesses on various platforms is relatively simple. It’s also pretty easy to write quick posts on Facebook and Twitter – or share a photo on Instagram. However, there are some finer points to making a social media presence great. Similar to trail mix, it’s easy to combine nuts, dried fruit, and other tasty ingredients, but it takes an experienced palate to create just the right flavour profile. Some people like spicy snacks, and others like a salty and sweet mix. Keep this in mind when planning your future business blog posts for specific reader preferences.

Surprisingly Tasty

People love social media for the quick access to the latest trending news or ideas. Social media for businesses generally needs to offer content of value to audiences. This can be through entertaining posts, exciting posts, coupons or promotions, and through other tactics.


Trail mix gives people valuable nutrition for hiking or daily treks. Similarly, social media content feeds audiences and sustains your brand. It’s there for your business when business is performing well, and when your business is experiencing growing pains. The look and engagement levels with your brand online will likely go up when you have a great social media strategy in place.

Attracts a Crowd

Social media marketing is fun, and trail mix is too. When you break out that bag of nuts and dried fruit on the trail, you’ll attract attention from local squirrels, birds, and maybe even some larger animals (be safe out there!). Social media posts also tend to draw lurkers and followers. When your business creates cool, newsworthy, or inspiring posts, you just might find yourself surrounded by a new, like-minded crowd.


Social media demands variety. If your business is posting similar types of posts that focus on the same topics like a broken record, you’re not doing it right. Trail mix is a fan favorite because it combines a bunch of useful ingredients that can taste pretty boring on their own. Make sure your business social media presence includes various types of photos, links to articles, and other tactics that fit with your overall brand goals.

Trail Mix and Social Media Work Well for Random Hunger

When someone is lost on a trail, trail mix is just what you need to make it through the day. In an emergency, people will know where to find you through your social media marketing. With the click of a button online, audiences can search for keywords related to your business or for your business name and find you right away when you have a great online presence.

Use Social Media as an Essential Resource for Your Brand

Social media marketing covers the basics of a sustaining online presence. It’s part of your company’s reputation. Social media marketing is here to stay. The little details help to engage audiences. For example, Twitter posts with 1-2 hashtags experience a 21% increase in user engagement, as stated in the Business2Community article. However, tweets with 3 hashtags receive slightly less engagement.

It’s wise to discuss your company’s needs for an exceptional social media presence with experienced inbound and social media marketing professionals. However, if you are going it alone and wanting to create your own trail mix make sure you register for Canada’s largest Social Media Conference – Social Media Camp 2016. #smcamp


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