3 Questions for Every Blogger

There are three players in every blog post, and you must ask yourself three questions before you begin writing.

The three players are:

  1. you the blogger
  2. the reader, and
  3. the content

The content is a player equal to the other two, because as readers and writers, we both interact through the content. Content is the binder in our sandwich, the peanut butter and jelly to our Wonderbread. How we serve all three of these is what makes a great blog post. The answers to the following questions will shape our writing, and make for the best delivery of information.

Before you begin writing, ask yourself the following questions:

1) What are your needs as a blogger?

Are you here to further your business objectives? If so, what are they? Are you here to increase your SEO value? Are you trying to raise awareness of your blog site? Increase your own personal or professional profile? Are you writing here for creative reasons? What are those exact creative reasons? Do you just need to write a short post and move on, or are you ready to sit down and write a longer article, possibly one that gets deep to the heart of your topic?

2) What are the needs of your reader?

Do they need information fast, on the fly? Do they need something complicated to be broken down to an executive summary? Or, do they need rare, deep exploration of a topic? Do they need the content delivered to them on a portable device? Do they need it made easy to print out? (Tip: how they need it is as important as when, why, and what they need.)

3) What are the needs of the content?

Does the content need breaking down? Organizing? Re-interpretation or translation? Does it need to be explained using video, because text is too limiting? Does it need to be spread wide, to a larger audience? Does it need to be targeted more closely? Does it need to be emotionally interpreted to be used well?

Shaping our writing to serve all three players is not difficult – and often, the needs of all three players overlap. What kind of sandwich would you get without one of the key ingredients: peanut butter, fresh white bread, and jelly? A mess, that’s what. Making one happy will often make the others happy as well.

Happy content makes a happy reader, and a happy reader makes a happy blogger. What makes you happy as a blogger or blog reader? Please comment below.

Peggy Richardson

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