Startup Marketing – New Years Resolution

When it comes to Startup Marketing, it’s easy to get caught up with all of the wizbangers and widgets available for online marketing. However, with limited resources available and the odds against your startup, focus is essential to achieve the meteoric growth your brainchild deserves.

Undoubtedly, as an entrepreneur, you have plenty of great ideas bouncing around in your head, and this is part of what is going to make you a big success. The trick is figuring out which ideas are the best ones, and which of those best ideas you actually have the time to execute.

I challenge you to make your Startup Marketing New Years Resolutions. Focus your efforts and stay “intentional” with all your marketing efforts.

If you stay focused and use the resources you have available to you wisely, you will quickly figure out if your priorities are correct and adjust accordingly.

Staying Intentional

The need for focus is key in Startup Marketing more than anywhere else in a Startup. A clear, focused message repeated time and time again is key to growing your venture.

Every marketing message you put out to the world needs to be done so for a reason. Tweeting about your company’s new office, an upcoming feature release or a competitor that just got acquired is all-great as long as you know why you’re doing it.

In the beginning, the intention behind your marketing messages needs to be focused on the same message consistently. This message could be “We are the fastest growing, most fun and best performing company that makes widgets” or it could be “get something interesting in the mail” as long as you keep it tight.

To Infinity and Beyond!

The goal of most Startup Marketing is user growth. There are three major approaches used today and I recommend you focus on one and move onto the next if, and only if, you have mastered the first and need to move on.

The best approach for your Startup Marketing efforts will vary depending on your specific customers and your industry so please think through your choices.

1. Organic Discovery

This is when people discover your company by searching for specific terms on search engines like Google and on social networks like Facebook.

Organic Discovery is a powerful and essentially free way to acquire users. However, search engines are a competitive and brutal space so if your industry is crowded, it can be hard to climb to the top.

If this is your focus then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Search Optimization (SSO) will be your biggest concern. Check out, alexa and one of the many keyword research tools.

2. Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is the simplest concept to understand but can be very tricky to make profitable. Paid traffic comes from running ads on Search Engines, Social Networks and Web Pages.

By paying for placement you are able to quickly become visible to your desired audience without having to worry about SEO or SSO. This method can be particularly attractive if you can find several highly search keywords with low competition.

If you are going to use the paid traffic approach you will want to focus on selecting the right ad networks and monitoring for conversions from clicks to user acquisition. Check out Google Keyword Tool for search term ideas, and unbounce for a great free landing page builder.

3. Word of Mouth

The most powerful and cost effective form of marketing available to any business is Word of Mouth.

Having happy customers tell their friends about your business is proven to be the most trusted form of marketing and the most influential on the final purchase decision. This method works especially well in consumer products where you know you have a passionate and social user community.

If this approach is going to work for you, you need to focus on making it easy and worthwhile for customers to talk to their friends about you. You will want to look tools like Share This, referral promotion products to encourage and reward sharing, and WordPress blogs.

By combining an Intentional Message and selecting your growth strategy, your Startup Marketing will be clear and focused in 2013.

Do you have any great tips for keeping your marketing focused and effective?

Please leave your comments below.

Will Fraser

Will Fraser is a co-founder of YUPIQ, a premier Viral Promotion Builder that makes it easy for anyone to create promotions that encourage and reward the sharing of their videos, webpages and special offers with friends.

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