Top 12 Social Media Memes or Moments of 2012

Everyone loves to review the year’s best movies. I’d like to review some of the year’s best Social Media memes. As a social scientist, I’m biased and will lean heavily on a few that many of us shared, liked, and talked about lots via our blogs and other platforms. I have rounded this list out with my Top 12 for 2012 Social Media memes and moments that inspired.

  1. Binders Full of Women
  2. Texts from Hillary 
  3. Feminist Ryan Gosling
  4. Horses and Bayonets
  5. First World Problems (sites and Twitter hashtag)
  6. Paul Ryan Gosling (site and Twitter handle)
  7. Celebs Fetus Twitter Accounts
  8. Grumpy Cat  (sites and Twitter handle)
  9. Various lip dub videos
  10. Pinterest memes
  11. Twitter Hashtags like #mowhawkguy #BigBird #TellVicEverything #CdnPoli #IdleNoMore  #waronwomen
  12. Social Media for Social Change: Amanda Todd and Cyberbullying discussions, discussions about Gun Violence, and Slut Walk (Alissa Wrean presented research at SMCV 12 about Slut Walk, which was a 2011 incident and series of events which continue today).

Social Media memes offer us a time to release the steam and have fun with current events across the globe or in Canada. These are those moments that unite us in terms of our discussion about politics, an achievement, or something that is just downright hilarious. This is how Social Media platforms allows us to engage in something that is not always about marketing, work, or making money! Looking at the political tags or the Amanda Todd video, we also witnessed the increased use of Social Media for social change. And, I’d offer that we will continue to see this, as more people use the various platforms available at the swipe of a finger or click of the mouse.

Overall, 2012 offered me an opportunity to engage with people across the globe about political moments, education, the light hearted, and serious issues. How did you engage with memes?

Janni Aragon

Dr. Janni Aragon (BA Women’s Studies, San Diego State; MA Liberal Arts and Sciences, San Diego State; MA Political Science, University of California; PhD Political Science, University of California) is a Political Scientist in the Department of Political Science at the University of Victoria. Previously she taught Political Science or Women’s Studies at three universities or colleges in Southern California. She regularly comments on issues related to social media and politics, feminism and gender, and American politics.

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  • Paul Holmes

    No way, Grump Cat is #1!