3 Ways to a Merry Mobile “QRistmas” with QR Codes

Every year, we go through the same thing. Buy a box of Christmas cards. Stuff the cards with a family photo and a “What we’ve been up to” form letter. Lick a bunch of stamps and get tongue fatigue. Get carpal tunnel syndrome writing out addresses. Send a card to everyone in your address book.

And what happens to those cards anyway? They stay on the mantle for a week or two, and then go into a box in the attic or worse – the recycling bin.

QR Codes are sweeping the nation, and with a record number of people going mobile over the holidays, it’s prime time to join the QR party and engage your clients with a mobile application.

Wondering how? No problem, here are three cheap, easy ways to integrate a QR Code into your holiday marketing campaigns.

“QRistmas” Cards

This year, save time, some cash (and your tongue) by ditching the cardboard cards and embracing QR Codes as a way to spread some environmentally-friendly holiday cheer!

First, head over to Elf Yourself, or JibJab. Both are a great and fun way to make a card. Next, upload your staff/family photos. You can have up to five people, each “starring” in hilarious video versions of themes ranging from Gangnam Style to It’s a Wonderful Life. For a minimal fee, sites like JibJab allow you to download the video, which can lead to all sorts of fun embedding options.

That done, you can direct people to the video with a holiday-themed QR Code. While the one below isn’t really typical of the free variety of QR Code, there are any number of free QR Code generators you can use to create a QR Link.  Or, if you want to splurge, you could get something fancy, like this snowflake made entirely from QR Codes by Victoria’s Fusion Creative.

Snowflake QR Code

To send your card, just make an email list in *whatever client you use, attach the code and a few words and hit “send”. No lines at the post office, no stamps, just good ol’ holiday fun. When people scan the code with their smartphone, they’ll be given a special holiday treat that they can enjoy again and again.

*If you’re feeling really ambitious, grab a free Mailchimp account (free for up to 2000 emails), load in your personal list and send a Holiday “hello” to everyone you know.

“QRapping” Paper

The questionable name aside, adding QR Codes to wrapping paper is a pretty darn clever way to engage people with delightful images and content. Just wrap some boxes with QRapping Paper ™ and turn that boring holiday window display into an engaging exhibition that’ll have people running to get into your store.

“QRistmas” Ornaments

Step one. Take plain, smooth ornaments. Step two, affix a QR Code that links to engaging content. Step three. Step back, and watch people have the most wonderful time of the year as they click their way around the QRistmas tree!

It’s a Holly Jolly QRistmas

Whichever way you choose, by incorporating QR Codes over the holidays, you’re saving some trees, you’re saving some cash, and you’re saving your tongue from the inevitable glue fatigue. Have other ways to incorporate QR Codes into the holidays? Let us know!


Sean Enns

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