35 Reasons To Attend Social Media Camp in 2018

As someone who helps small business owners with their social media strategies and teaches the subject it as a continuing education course at the local college, I know that social media is an industry where you need to constantly be educating yourself. There are moments where it can feel like you are trying to hit several constantly moving targets. Just when you think you have mastered a new feature or the platform itself, they throw you a curveball with a change in the algorithm.  At the same time, that is one of the many reasons why I love social media. I love the challenges it presents to avid users. With every new challenge that is met, we try and adapt it to our business and/or personal brand.

I love how it is constantly changing and constantly evolving, while still being able to connect people throughout the world. Social media has the power to connect us through the sharing of our stories.

This medium has had such an incredible impact on society that people have become addicted to it. It is not uncommon to see people walking around or on the train with their heads down on their phone, checking on the latest notification and status updates on their accounts. It has the power to inform, to inspire and at the same time, it has the power to distract and disconnect people from what’s going on around them.

While social media plays a significant role when it comes to digital marketing, Social Media Camp goes beyond that and explores the less common aspects such as the cultural and political impact. The conference attracts people from various industries- everything ranging from government to small business to non-profit.

The theme for this year’s conference is Restoring Social’s Promise – focusing more on the great potential social media has and the positive effects it has on society. The goal is to discuss and discover ways how we can use this groundbreaking technology to make the world a better place. We have come so far, but still have a long way to go.

Now more than ever is it important to be part of the ongoing conversation and the experience.

Here are 35 reasons to attend Social Media Camp in 2018 – people worth connecting with at the conference and on social media.

1. Chris Heuer  @chrisheuer

Visionary, Founder of Social Media Club

Presenting: Keynote Address

2. Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte  @leapzone

Brand Strategist and Business Performance Catalyst at LeapZone Strategies

Presenting: Branding From The Inside Out – Be The First, The Best or The Only!

3. Christoph Trappe  @ctrappe

Director of Content Marketing at Med Touch, Chief storyteller at The Authentic Storytelling Project

Presenting: How to Create Stories That People Want to Consume and Share

4. Marc Babin  @WestinGCayman

Social Media Manager at the Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa

Presenting: Converting $5,000 in Facebook Ads Into $170,000 in Revenue with One Change

5. Kim Barrett  @ysvau

Founder of Your Social Voice

Presenting: Generate More Leads & Close More Sales through Facebook Messenger, While You Work LESS

6. Fi Birch @fi_birch

Founder of Pro Athlete Online

Presenting: Why the Truth is the Best Story You Have – Even When It Isn’t

7. Jordan Bower @jordan-bower

Founder of Transformational Storytelling

Presenting: Big-S Storytelling: How to inspire your audience by leading them to the Promised Land

8. Drew McArthur

Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia

Presenting: TBD

9. Angela Crocker @AngelaCrocker

Author, Speaker and Instructor at Angela Crocker & Associates

Presenting: Coaching Orientation and The Digital Clutter Problem (and What To Do About It)

10. Nicole Donnelly

Founder, CMO at Salty Waffle

Presenting: How to Use Social Media Automation & Maintain Authenticity and Roundtable Discussion – Multiple

11. Lori Elder

PR4Good, Social Media for Non Profits

Presenting: Roundtable Discussion – Multiple

12. Tyler Garns @tylergarns

Founder & CEO of Box Out Marketing

Presenting: Tyler Garns – Box Out Marketing

13. John F. Gray @mentionmapp

Co-Founder & CEO of Mentionmapp Analytics Inc.

Presenting: The Ecosystem of Fake & Social Bots

14. Charlie Grinnell @charliegrinnell

Co-Founder of RightMetric

Presenting: Roundtable Discussion – Multiple

15. Charmaine Hammond @RaiseADream_

Collaboration & Sponsorship Expert at Raise A Dream

Presenting: The Hidden Revenue Stream Most Entrepreneurs Haven’t Thought Of

16. Steve Hutchinson @stevehutchinson

Treehouse Media

Presenting: Roundtable Discussion – Multiple

17. Christian Karasiewicz  

Social Business Manager at IBM

Presenting: How to Create a Hit Live Video Show in a Weekend

18. Brandon Laur  @whitehatterteam

Security Specialist & Instructor at The White Hatter

Presenting: Roundtable Discussion – Multiple

19. Russel Lolacher  @RussLOL

Consultant, Speaker and host of the Upsell

Presenting: Reviews, Rants and Remarks: How to Handle Social Service to Keep Customers and Protect Your Brand

20. Vicki McLeod  @vicki_mcleod

Founder & President of Main Street Communications Ltd.

Presenting: Coaching Orientation

21. Zack Nelson  @JerryRigEverything

Owner of JerryRig Everything

Presenting: TBD

22. Dakota Nunley  @DakotaShane_Nun

Co-Founder of Arctiphi

Presenting: Why Bloggers Should Consider Publishing on Medium

23. Jessika Philllips @jessikaphillips

Relationship Marketing Evangelist for The NOW Marketing Group

Presenting: How to Create a Hit Live Show in a Weekend

24. Inayat Ur Rehman

Founder of EduConnect

Presenting: Roundtable Discussion – Multiple

25. Juhli Selby

Owner of Juhli Selby Social Media

Presenting: Roundtable Discussion – Multiple

26. Paul Skah  @paul_skah

Best-selling author of “Brand Inside Out”, Brand Strategist

Presenting: The Day The Machines Lie To Us

27. Marc Stoiber  @marcstoiber

Speaker at Marc Stoiber Enterprises

Presenting: Roundtable Discussion – Multiple

28. Deidre Tansey

Owner of Ampersand Media

Presenting: Roundtable Discussion – Multiple

29. Eva Taylor  @evaliveshere  

Sr Manager, Global Social Marketing at Hootsuite

Presenting: Demystifying Social ROI: 4-Steps to Getting Started

30. Beverley Theresa  @hellobeverley

Social Media Strategist & Consultant at Beverley Theresa

Presenting: Bending The Rules

31. Mike Vardy  @mikevardy

Founder & President of the Productivityist

Presenting: The Social Media/Productivity Balancing Act

32. Ashley Ward  @ashleymadhatter

Corporate Speaker at SEMrush

Presenting: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Social Advertising Copywriting Tips

33. Chris Whiteley @b_WEST

Web Director & SEO Strategist for bWEST Interactive

Presenting: Roundtable Discussion – Multiple

34. Amanda Wood  @byamandachar

Social Media Marketing Lead at Hootsuite

Presenting: Workshop: Advanced Uses of Hootsuite

35. Jessica Natale Woollard  @jrwoollard

Writer & Communications Professional

Presenting: Roundtable Discussion – Multiple


Author bio: Karen Swyszcz is the founder and business/blog strategist of Makinthebacon. It began as a blog in 2012 and turned into a consulting business in 2017. She is an educator with Sheridan College teaching courses in blogging and social media. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @makinthebacon1.


Chris Burdge

Chris is the co-founder of Social Media Camp. In 2009 Chris founded bWEST Interactive, an online marketing firm focused on helping companies grow their business via strategic online marketing. In 2015 Chris founded SOHO Summit a series of 1-day conferences across British Columbia, for small business owners, entrepreneurs to connect, explore, network and do business.

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