The Future of Connectedness: A look at tomorrow’s social media

The rapid pace of innovation in digital communications rewards those who can successfully anticipate how technology will change society. Taking a look at predictions from a number of futurists about the major changes we can expect over the next five years, we will explore the different ways we might interact online. Will increasing customizability of how we experience web surfing change how we interact with social networking sites? How will holographic video and virtual reality headsets impact how we relate across networks? What impact will ubiquitous monitoring devices and facial recognition software have on the increasing availability of personal data? We will conclude the presentation by examining several competing prognostications about how social media will work in 2020.

Adrian J. Ebsary

Online Community Specialist,

Adrian received his BSc. Biochemistry from McGill University, where he developed an interest for communication as co-Editor-in-Chief of the McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal. As a graduate student, he founded a podcast and radio show, Peer Review Radio, but his fascination with analytics and influence metrics led him to leave his Master’s degree for a position as the Online Community Specialist at the University of Ottawa. He also volunteers on the board of an organization that works with children in need in Eastern Europe, consults with a number of clients on digital marketing projects and has spoken at over a dozen conferences in the last two years.

Chris Whiteley

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