Bullying and Harassment in a new age of Social Media

As we adjust to a new age of social media we see the first ever generation growing up with this in their everyday lives. This panel explores the influence social media has had on bullying and harassment directly from youth. Has bullying and harassment escalated in accessibility and intensity due to the option of anonymity? What are the ways to prevent, and help with, harassment situations that we should be exploring? Is bullying becoming more vicious due to the large demographic that is able to access information or comments quickly? This panel will explore these topic among others.

Erinne Paisley

Grade 11 Student
Reynolds Secondary

Erinne Paisley is currently a grade 11 student at Reynolds Secondary in Victoria B.C., where she is involved in Leadership, Vital Youth, Principal’s Advisory, Open for Change, Reynolds Eco-action, Outdoors Club, and the school’s Peer Mentor program.

Erinne is also the founder of actionNow, a student-led group whose mandate is to focus on creating positive change in the local and global community.

Erinne has been selected as one of ten Global Citizen Scholarship recipients from across Canada where she will attend a We Day event in London and a science and innovation summit in Berlin in March 2014.

Erinne’s plans for the future include a Gap year to travel and volunteer, before a post-secondary pursuit in international and foreign affairs.

Bryan Dwyer

Bryan is a fourth-year marketing student in Victoria, BC. Concurrent with his education, he has had the opportunity to work with and learn from a local advertising agency and an online marketing consultant; and along with his studies and Community Manager responsibilities here at Social Media Camp, he is currently working as a consultant with the gift marketing platform Kiind. He has developed a passion for effective strategy, a fascination with new ideas, and a dependence on good coffee.

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