Your Emergency Kit for an Online Crisis

If your organization hasn’t thought about how to deal with a potential online crisis then it’s time you did. Every organization faces issues that have the potential to ‘catch fire’ on social and other media platforms. Those prepared with a crisis communications strategy will be more successful in limiting reputational damage, and potentially turning the crisis into an opportunity.

This session provides a step-by-step process for preparing your organization to communicate during a crisis. Recent organizational crises examples will also be discussed.

Session attendees will learn how to customize a crisis communications plan for your organization to ensure that:

  • Potential issues and crises are anticipated
  • Your team is trained in dealing with a crisis
  • There is a simple crisis procedure to follow
  • No stakeholder is forgotten in the crisis response
  • The organization has a post-crisis plan to recover, learn and look for opportunities

Trisha Lees

Mouthpiece Communications

Trisha is co-founder and partner in Mouthpiece Communications, a Victoria-based communications company specializing in strategic communications planning and issues management.

Her considerable strength as a communicator comes from working with a variety of clients from different industries. A former journalist and veteran communicator, Trisha understands the life of an issues-based story and the value of a timely and strategic response.

Trisha has managed her fair share of issues and crises, many in front of the camera, as a spokesperson and communications advisor for Alberta Children’s Hospital. Trisha is an MBA graduate from Royal Roads University with a specialization in management consulting.

Bryan Dwyer

Bryan is a fourth-year marketing student in Victoria, BC. Concurrent with his education, he has had the opportunity to work with and learn from a local advertising agency and an online marketing consultant; and along with his studies and Community Manager responsibilities here at Social Media Camp, he is currently working as a consultant with the gift marketing platform Kiind. He has developed a passion for effective strategy, a fascination with new ideas, and a dependence on good coffee.

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