Use Social Media Camp to position your company as a leader in social media.

In the 8 years we have held Social Media Camp, our event hashtag has consistently been the #1 trending topic in Canada. The online reach of the event is also measured in the millions (over 10 million reached in 2015). Would you like your brand associated with an event with this kind of reach online?

Attendees of Social Media Camp are an incredible cross-section of different sectors and industries: government, education, non-profit, small business and corporate.

We are also Canada’s top destination event for social media professionals: agencies, social media strategists, bloggers, podcasters, etc. The vast majority of attendees are decision makers in their organizations.

Sponsorship offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership and for strategic interaction with key leaders and attendees. Sponsorship packages are designed with maximum exposure in mind.

Our sponsorship packages include pre-event, on-site, and post-event marketing activities to a targeted group of business owners and executives:

  • SMCamp consistently attracts 700+ attendees
  • Website visits: 50,000+ annually 
  • Twitter: 14,500 followers
  • Facebook: 3,300+ likes
  • Email: 2,000+ subscribers

For a complete list of sponsorship opportunities, or to receive a Sponsorship Package, please contact Paul Holmes at