2014 Social Media Awards — Huzzah!

Social Media Camp Victoria held its 4th Annual Social Media Awards on May 2, 2014 at the Victoria Conference Centre. It was a fun night of mixing, mingling, and award giving.

Steve Dotto hosted for the second year in a row, and used his quick wit to keep it fun from the beginning. He carefully instructed us that the winners should be greeted with a loud “HUZZAH!” when their names were announced, and reminded the losers that the bar was in the back. At one point, he brought up a “Twitter Virgin” for some good-natured fun-poking. She had just signed up for Twitter earlier that day by her friends.

The Lion, The Bear, The Fox

Christopher Arruda (The Lion), Cory Woodward (The Bear) and Ryan McMahon (The Fox). Photo courtesy LB&F.

Canadian music act The Lion, The Bear, The Fox provided music while people mixed and mingled before and after the Social Media Awards. If you haven’t listened to their music yet, it’s an amalgam of rock, rock-a-billy, and folk, and absolutely brilliant.

And the winners are…

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

The Derek K. Miller Award

Dylan Benson and Darren Laur - Social Media Awards 2014

Dylan Benson and Darren Laur – Photo by Derek Ford Photography

The awarding of the Derek. K. Miller Award for Most Inspirational Social Media User was the most heartfelt one. It was deservedly won by Dylan Benson, whose wife Robyn had a massive brain hemorrhage at 22 weeks pregnant, which left her brain-dead and on life-support.

To help compensate for lost income and to cover the costs of raising a preemie as a single parent, Dylan set up a YouCaring.com fundraising campaign. Once the world heard about his situation, through news coverage and social media, his campaign was wildly successful, raising more that $202,548.

There is a bittersweet ending to the story. On February 8, Iver was born, and they said goodbye to Robyn the following day.

CHEK News aired a story about the Social Media Awards on their May 3, 2014 5:30pm newscast.

Social Media Camp: Upcoming Season

Thanks to everybody who took part in Social Media Camp 2013! What a year! Many of North America’s greatest minds in the social media space graced our stage, we met some fascinating innovators, and the Social Media Awards was the best yet.

You may recall that we hoped to follow up the 4th annual event with our first “Social Media Cruise” event. Alas, every idea has its time, and the Social Media Cruise did not have enough folks interested to “set sail” this year. We’ll file those plans away for another day.

For all you land lovers, however, we have an exciting year planned. Watch for the return of the Workshop Series, with announcements coming up soon for cities on this year’s roster.

Of course, these all culminate in the main event, Social Media Camp 2014, which is the 5th annual event. There’ll be plenty of news coming up about this too!

A social network with a social conscience?

TicTalking - What Makes you tic?Whether it’s Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s search for meaning”, or Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”, or even that innate sense of ‘right’ that we (occasionally) feel, there is agreement that people need to be connected to each other in a positive way.

You’re reading this via Social Media Camp: an event where people who are passionate about connecting to each other, fork out a few hundred bucks to talk to other true-believers about connecting! So, let’s agree that yes, connection is good and important.

TicTalking is a social network with a social conscience. We’re out to help people connect with others around the world, based on shared interests: their Things In Common (the TIC of TicTalking). We believe that when people connect based on interests, the connections become deeper and more meaningful. And deep connections lead to empathy and caring, and that makes the world a better place.

TicTalking also wants to help people – all people – rich, poor, first-world or third – feel the reward of contributing to causes that are important to them. Whether it’s just raising awareness of a cause amongst your friends on TicTalking, or whether you’re donating time, money, or effort directly to the cause, everyone has some ability to help change the world for the better.

So, in the spirit of connecting with others, and in the spirit of offering to help others, TicTalking, along with Liquor Plus and MediaMiser is sponsoring the #TicGame.

It’s a simple game of Tweets, Likes, Posts, Re-tweets, and amplification in social channels. The winner has a choice of prizes:

$500 to keep for themselves


$2,000 to donate to a charity or cause of their choice.

Swing by www.tictalking.com during Social Media Camp to get the rules and details.

And in the meantime: what would you do? Will you keep it, or give it away?

New to SMCamp: Mobile Phone Photo-Art Show (Call for Submissions)

Social Media Camp Victoria 2012 iPhoneography Photo-Art ShowWe’re excited to have Brenda Johima back at Social Media Camp Victoria for a third time, this time presenting a Power Session on iPhone Art and Photography for Social Media Marketing. We’re sure it will prove (yet again) to be an informative and educational session, with oodles of info for mobile photographers, no matter their experience.

She’s also arranged something new and exciting.

This year, she will be adding a new component to the event — a Mobile Phone Photo-Art Showand will have several categories to submit under. You don’t have to be a professional, you just have to like to take pictures.

The categories are as follows:

  1. Just Make Art
  2. It’s a Compliment. Geek, Nerd and Techie
  3. I LOVE Victoria
  4. People
  5. Architecture and Buildings
  6. “Almost” Anything Goes
  7. Nature
  8. Two elements of design. Line and/or Pattern
  9. Inspired
  10. Most Creative Self-Portrait
  11. Newbies and Beginners (Anything Goes. Just Take Pictures)
  12. Keeners and Pros (We have judges if you like to compete)
To find out how to submit your photos, please go to Brenda’s website.

Another bit of awesome news: Brenda has also arranged for several giveaways at Social Media Camp Victoria:

From Alex Tsepko and Veronica Melnikova at MacPhun:

From app developer tap tap tap and iPhone photographer Lisa Bettany:

From app developer Trey Ratcliffe and (StuckInCustoms.com):

From the sounds of it, this is going to be a great show! We’re looking forward to seeing the photographs! For more information, check out Brenda’s website.

New to Social Media?

New to Social MediaYou’re finally through with wishing it away, and decided it’s time to learn about how this whole Social Media thing works.

Social Media Camp is for you, too!

In fact, we have loaded the first half of Friday, June 8th with hands-on workshops just for you. Learn the basics of:

…with professionals and experts from Victoria and around North America.

Once you’ve got your feet wet, you’ll be ready to explore the many other sessions available. We have separated all our sessions into “Beginner” and “Advanced”, so you’ll have a pretty clear idea ahead of time where you want to go.

We also have the “Knowledge Cafe” a special place where you can hang out, and pick the brains of some of the speakers and other experts who are ready and able to help you with your specific questions in a small-group, or 1-on-1 session.

Don’t miss the numerous networking opportunities, including the West Coast Social Media Awards on June 8th, to meet people and discuss innovative approaches to social media.

Once the weekend is over, you’ll already be tweeting, Facebooking and building your LinkedIn network, and wondering why you took so long to get started!

Click here to Register today!

Tickets are limited.