7 Steps to Marketing Success

Social Media Camp keynote speaker John Jantsch is well-known for his very practical, no-nonsense marketing presentations that describe how to create a “marketing system” that will save you time, energy and money.

Don’t miss your chance to talk to John hear him share his knowledge and experience at Social Media Camp on May 22, 2015.

SM Tip #5: Alienate and Polarize

Tip number five in the Shaw TV series from Social Media Camp comes from featured speaker Blair Enns.

Blair shares his perspective on perspective and why it is important to alienate and polarize.

SMC 2014 by the Numbers – Infographic

SMC 2014 Infographic

Again this year our partners at MediaMiser were tracking and analyzing all the Twitter activity around SMC 2014, and there was a lot.

This infographic created by MediaMiser shows the top hashtags, links, tweets and influencers. A couple of past keynote speakers, Chris Brogan and Scott Stratten even got in on the action.

If you’re wondering how this compares with last year you can compare this with the SMC 2013 Infographic, also created by MediaMiser.

Thank You for Making Some Noise

Screenshot 2014-05-09 17.29.55About 35 teens commit suicide in BC every year. This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of mental health dysfunction with 12% of mainstream BC youth contemplating suicide as an option to their pain and 5% attempting.

For the second year in a row we chose NEED2 as our charity sponsor.

NEED2 works every day to actively prevent suicide through an online portal for youth in crisis (Youthspace.ca) and through presentations in the schools. We run up against the stigma surrounding suicide so frequently we want to make a noise about it and shake things up.

Thank you for making some LOTS of noise and helping NEED2 raise funds for a very important cause.

2014 Attendee Feedback

AttendeesEvery year we do a post-conference survey to gather your feedback in an effort to continually improve on the events we produce. This year we  received 155 responses, which is about 30% of all delegates (excluding speakers).

We appreciate your feedback and in the spirit of transparency we like to provide you with the overall results along with some insight into how your feedback compares with that of your peers.

You also provided a lot of great suggestions for next year – thank you to everyone who submitted their suggestions.

Results of the SMC 2014 Attendee Survey

Rate your overall experience at Social Media Camp on a scale of 1 – 10.

Rate your overall experience

How many Social Media Camps in Victoria have you attended?

How Many...

How organized was the event? 

How Organized

SMC was Thurs, Fri and Saturday this year. Would you prefer all weekdays, the weekend, or a mix like this year?


How much value for money was this event? 

Screenshot 2014-05-07 17.46.03

Did you enjoy the Day 1 sessions at Club919 & the Strathcona?

Day of Week

Rate the speakers for the sessions you attended (we have only listed the top 5 speakers by rating).

Top 5 Speakers

What did you like the MOST about SMC 2014?

  • The speakers with practical advice and willingness to share their how-to guides outside the camp too Also loved the visual representations of the talks done – took pictures of those I couldn’t attend
  • The energy, creativity and the sponsors really going all out to make the event an experience.
  • I always enjoy the opportunity to network. The delegation makes or breaks every conference and the delegation at this event is top notch!! Oh, and I LOVED the @usedeverywhere lounge. Charging stations and popcorn!

What did you like the LEAST about SMC 2014?

  • Many sessions were very beginner oriented. I’d love to see a better mix of beginner and advanced skill levels and see those marked as such in the schedule so as not to miss out on the most appropriate sessions for my needs and skill level.
  • The program did not provide enough information about the content of the proposed talks by presenters. I found some of the topic titles either misleading or just not clear enough.
  • Coffee and cold drinks should be served all day. Even if you charge for it, it should be available. Perhaps a vip lounge where attendees can pay a premium to enjoy beverages and snacks/finger food.

Do you have any ideas for topics, or speakers for next year?

  • Advanced sales and marketing tips for the use of various social media tools (evidence of success and the reasons why)
  • What to do once your strategy plateaus. Two years in you’re doing well. How do you take it to the next step? How to convince your boss (the older generation) to invest in social media
  • It would be great to have someone speak about managing your reputation online in social media….it seems now people take to social media to air a bad experience, how to deal with that or listen online would be great information.

Our Takeaways 

We have lots of great feedback to work with to make SMC 2015 even better, more valuable and accessible by all. Key takeaways for us are:

  • Even more diversity of speakers, workshops and subject matter. 
  • Better and more visible description of sessions on the website, in the program and on the mobile app.
  • More advanced sessions.
  • An even bigger & better trade show component.

Producing a successful conference every year for five years requires the help and support of a lot of very talented people; staff, contractors and volunteers, not to mention the attendees and sponsors – thank you!

If you have any more feedback or speaker suggestions please leave it in the comments section below.

Graphic Recordings

Did you happen to see two incredibly talented women standing in front of broad white sheets of paper, waving markers and paint brushes around?

Well that was social media artists Deborah LeFrank and Tanya Gadsby doing the graphic recording of several of the sessions at this year’s Social Media Camp.

Following is some of their work. Click on any of the images for a larger view.

Tod Maffin Keynote

Tod Maffin Keynote Talk

Lisa Larter

Lisa Larter

Darren Laur

Darren Laur – Current Events & Social Media Security

Gary Mason & Miguel Strother

Gary Mason & Miguel Strother

Tourism Panel - Scott McDonald & James Bogusz

Tourism Panel – Scott McDonald & James Bogusz

Social Media Like an Agency - Cadi Jordan

Social Media Like an Agency – Cadi Jordan

Tod Maffin

Tod Maffin

Melonie Dodaro

Melonie Dodaro

Steve Dotto

Steve Dotto

Sue Zimmerman

Sue Zimmerman

Pretty awesome eh!  If you like their work don’t keep it to yourself, leave a comment below.