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Viveka von Rosen; The LinkedIn Expert

LinkedIn. Long since the established place for professionals to connect, engage and share their thoughts and expertise online. In this space, there are few more qualified to teach about how to use the platform, to its greatest advantage, than Viveka von Rosen. Author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour A Day and The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide […]

Your Facebook Account Has Been Disabled!

It was a feeling I never thought I would have, when it came to Social Media.   As part of a new project I am working on, teaching Social Media to High School Students and Teachers, I had set up a new Facebook account. The idea was to make sure that the students and teachers […]

5 Tips to Social Media Success

The days of “willy nilly” practices on social media are gone. You have to be on it to get something from it. Finding the right platforms to garner your “social street cred” takes planning, consistency and measure, say Barbara Pender, a certified social media strategist, and Toni Harris, a marketing strategist. Starting out, you should be concentrating […]

When #SHIFTHappens

Living in an increasingly sexualized world, whether it be through music, television, or the internet, children are being exposed to all forms of sexuality, well before they even begin to discover it for themselves. In the “good ol’ days”  of  Dick Van Dyke and Leave it to Beaver, when husband and wife wouldn’t even be […]


by Joel Conway, FORTRESS Foundation You’re never too young to make a difference. Just ask Peter Wilson. Peter is a 2x winner of the Youth United Anti-bullying Film Festival and his attached commercial shoots have been featured on CBC prime time commercial space for two years running. In 2012 I attended Canada’s Social Media Camp […]