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5 Clever Social Media Hacks for Networking at Conferences

by Emily Taylor, Digital Marketing Specialist at Tradable Bits   Can you believe it’s only a few more days until Social Media Camp 2015? We can’t wait to meet everyone and make the most of Canada’s largest social media conference.   Industry leaders from all over the world converge in Victoria this week to make new […]

Breaking the Law of Diminishing Marketing Returns

If you’re feeling like you can never be away from your business, you’re not alone. Yet putting more hours into the business doesn’t always mean you’ll get greater returns. Take marketing for example. You know it’s not optional but if you find yourself spending lots of time and money to reap so-so results, you may want to rethink what […]

10 Reasons to Visit Victoria

Social Media Camp is reason enough to justify a trip to Victoria. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Scenic coastlines, a vibrant culture and unique West-coast feel characterize British Columbia’s capital, giving rise to these 10 reasons why you should visit Victoria. 1. Explore the Friendliest City in North America In Victoria, the best way […]

Email Marketing Is Alive and Well

Email Marketing Is Alive and Well and Driving More Business Than Ever By Guy Steeves, Regional Development Director, Constant Contact    With all the talk about the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), and the unfounded rumors that email marketing is being usurped by mobile and social, it’s no wonder that some small business owners are a […]

The Social of Media

I first learned about it, via my Social Media stream. All the Vancouver Media outlets were posting about the container fire at the Port of Metro Vancouver and to be wary of the possibly toxic smoke that it was creating. The following day, while listening to comments on CKNW 980, I heard an interesting comment; “even […]