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Good Social Media Use and Policy Starts From Within

Throughout this year, I have watched as companies continue to scramble to get onto the Social Media bandwagon, with business owners fretting over how to do it and, in many cases, how it works. It is interesting to watch some companies try and find contractors and consultants to walk them through the process and get […]

The #SocialGood

Following the devastation of the Eastern Seaboard by Hurricane Sandy, Twitter and Facebook lit up with images and news of the swath of destruction left behind by Mother Nature. Shortly after that, dozens of organizations and media stars began to put the call out for assistance, reaching out through Social Media to tug at the […]

But Do They REALLY Like You

Recently, a friend asked me “why does this person’s Facebook page have 80,000 ‘Likes’, but he has only a couple of dozen views of his posts and even fewer comments?” Looking at the page and the post, it wasn’t hard to understand why. You see, there is a very big difference between people who actually […]

QR Codes that are better than DaVinci’s

You have seen them popping up all over the place. QR Codes. Those little squares that look like the print version of television interference.  More and more businesses are starting to use them, but are they using them well… or even properly? There is only ONE thing that you need to know about a QR […]


I hear it all the time; “how can I get more ‘likes’ on my Facebook page?” Aside from having content that is actually “likeable” and putting your existence out there in advertising both on and off line, there is one sure fire way to get noticed. When you have a Facebook Page, you cannot expect […]


If you are in business, you know that networking plays a very important part in your business success. Given the opportunity to go to a networking function, you jump at the chance. Question is, when you go, do you speak only about yourself and your business? No. So why do so many businesses do just […]