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How To Resuscitate Boring Content With Audience Personas

If you ask someone who works with web content on a daily basis: “What makes good content?”, you’ll probably get an answer like “Good content is fresh, relevant, interesting and useful.” That’s all well and good; of course everyone’s interested in fresh ideas, relevant information, interesting facts and things that make our lives easier. But […]

CarrotLines launches online food product search engine and sharing community

Our friends, CarrotLines, developer of top Canadian nutrition consumer app, Carrotlines™ and updated version, Carrotlines powered by Tommy Europe™, are launching The Food Wiki at Social Media Camp 2013! The Food Wiki is an online search engine and community site where today’s most informed eaters can get in-depth product information and connect with food brands available across the […]

Silver Pass Scavenger Hunt

Everybody loves a good scavenger hunt right?  Especially when the prize is a ticket to Social Media Camp valued at more than $350. Starting yesterday we’re leaving a Silver Pass tucked inside a copy of Chris Guillebeau’s “$100 StartUp” in random locations around Victoria. We may try to get one up in Nanaimo too. Our first hunt was April […]

Eschewing (Attention) Egocentrism: Developmentally, social media is 2-6 yrs old

Psychologist Jean Piaget (1896-1980) defined four stages of cognitive development that cover the years from birth into adulthood. Since social media is the lens that colours many of our interactions on the internet, I think there are some useful comparisons to draw between the current state of social technology and Piaget’s theory of child psychology. We have already […]