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Startup – When startups should hire a marketing consultant

I recently sat down with a good friend and marketing expert, Jude Brown, the CEO and Founder of Pikosocial. Jude sponsored Social Media Camp 2012 and is one of the most knowledgeable people that I know when it comes to getting real results from your marketing efforts. Jude has been working with local Victoria startups such […]

Startup – 4 Ways to Use Social Media when Hiring

If you’re running a tech startup, it’s almost impossible to not know how hard it is to find good talent. In this article, we share 4 ways to use Social Media when hiring. It doesn’t matter if you’re based in San Francisco or Victoria, finding the talent that you need to keep your company growing […]

Startups – What Follower Ratio Should My Startup Have on Twitter

This is a question that is asked often: What following:follower ratio should my Startup have on Twitter? And it’s a great question, because startups want to make sure that they (look like) they are navigating social media effectively. MG Siegler on Techcrunch calls the answer to this question Twitter’s Golden Ratio.  He claims that if […]

Startups – Social Media before the Launch!

As we start to build our startups, we are often overrun with excitement about sharing our company with the world. This could be great and lead to major investment, customer excitement and wildly successful business, or it could  lead to  an unfortunate stream of Social Blathering with no focus and leave people with the wrong impression. In […]

Startups – 2 Actionable Ways to Connect with Your Customers from HootSuite and AppSumo

When it comes to establishing your brand and company, nothing is more important than connecting with your customers. Obviously your customers are your company’s lifeblood by way of revenue. Not-so-obviously your customers are also your company’s lifeblood when it comes to customer growth and product improvement. Rocket ship growth and deep product insights only happen […]

Startups – Lost: Tribe Needed

In recent years, several prominent startup investors and observers have rung the alarm that there are too many early stage companies in online technology. If this is true then your startup could be in major trouble, and you need to figure out an exit strategy. When there are too many startups in the eco-system, each […]