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One of my constant concerns is video content. Where can we find or create the content that will truly help us pump up the video in our Social Media? Where can we get killer content that is ‘clickable’, that will drive traffic and interest to our blog or website?

Some bloggers feature themselves in their videos, and we’ll look more closely at how to do that in a future post. Today, however, we’ll learn how to find content in the environment around us. Here in Victoria we are blessed with lots of features: beautiful scenery and nature, and lots of festivals, sports, and events of all kinds.

Have you ever considered ‘covering’ events in your community? It will help you to achieve several goals:

  1. You will generate killer visual content for your video blog or social media website.
  2. You will be seen doing a community service by sharing and promoting the event you’re blogging and tweeting about.
  3. You are gaining exposure for your own brand, product or service by making the client or community event the hero in your piece.

I actively seek out these events to feature in my video blog.  Social Media Camp is one such event. Here’s an example of one video clip from a longer post of several short videos I shot there in 2012. @chrisbrogan giving a shout out to Victoria!

Chris Brogan says Hello to Victoria Social Media Camp attendees

Getting this content and lots more like it simply involves taking your video camera to Social Media Camp, or the outdoor music or arts festival, or the sports event, anything that can offer a pictorial angle to generate visually interesting content. Look through my video blog posts to see examples of various types of events you may have available in your town or city.

I like taking a good quality Monopod with me (like Miller or Manfrotto brands) to help support the camera.   I find that video clip ‘run times’ of from 30-120 seconds work best. If you are shooting longer form video content you will want to use a tripod. (More on equipment in an upcoming post.)

At the event you can record segments of the ‘action’ and of the audience to highlight and feature the tone and flavour of the event. Follow up with short interviews of the major players to collect content that your YouTube and blog viewers will find interesting. Create the post with the event as the hero and you’ll have a win-win situation for your event, your community, and you!

What events does your community host? Have you covered any of them yet?

Mark McLaughlin

Victoria Businessman Owner Best Color Video Services Mark lives with his family in Victoria BC. where he is a presenter and a service provider in the Social Media space through his company Best Color Video. Using video production, website design, and Social Media campaigns, Mark creates content and guides brand engagement for a wide range of clients. Passionate about Social Media, Mark was thrilled to be a presenter at Social Media Camp 2012, speaking on the HootSuite Social Media Dashboard.

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