About Don Power

I think in Tweets.  Where others may see Twitter like the Matrix – complex, confusing – I see opportunity.

I show businesses how to use Twitter to connect with customers, perform competitive intelligence, discover opportunities, and close sales.

I also live and breathe Social Media as the owner of Don Power.COM Social Media Consulting, and Editor of Sprout Social Insights

Workshop Presentation

“10 Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics You Probably Never Heard Of (That You Should Start Using Today)”

Summary:  Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, in this 90 minute presentation you’ll discover 10 little known, but extremely powerful Twitter tools and tactics that you can leverage for your business or your career.

You’ll learn how to find out what your competition is up to, and uncover business opportunities you never knew existed!

In the last 30 minutes of the presentation, Don will answer your social media marketing questions. You can also post follow up questions for Don on Twitter.