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EdgeRank Checker

Session Title: Leveraging & Understanding the Power of Facebook’s News Feed

Session Extract:

Most brands only reach 16% of their fans per post, however brands that are leveraging the power of the news feed reach +50% of their fans per post. Facebook’s News Feed has quickly become the new digital battleground for brands as they attempt to build business via social media. Facebook developed an algorithm called EdgeRank to govern what is displayed within the News Feed; understanding this algorithm and how it can be influenced is integral in achieving success.

This session explains the following:

– Brief history of the News Feed

– What is EdgeRank?

– Tips on how to take advantage of EdgeRank

– The future of the News Feed

About the Speaker:

Founder of EdgeRank Checker, Chad Wittman is widely considered the leading EdgeRank expert within the industry. EdgeRank is Facebook’s algorithm to determine what is displayed within the News Feed; the single most important factor to achieving Organic Reach on Facebook. The most successful brands on Facebook leverage Organic Reach within the News Feed to reach as many people as possible.

Chad Wittman’s insights and research have been mentioned by TechCrunch, Mashable, Inc., Entrepreneur, and many more. Chad has been on panels with the most innovative companies in Social Media such as Buddy Media and Wildfire.


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