Creative Director

bWEST Interactive

Session Title: Supersize Your WordPress Blog

Session Extract:

Originally this session was titled “Maximize Your WordPress Blog,” but has since changed to use the word “Supersized” instead.  As this session will cover how to be a more efficient and effective blogger using the Fast Food industry as inspiration it only made sense to make things “Supersized.” In this session we will cover how to use principles developed by fast food restaurants in our daily blogging routine.

A few key things that will be covered are:

  • Generating ideas of what to blog about
  • Creating a framework for writing the perfect post
  • Things to do beyond just writing your post
  • Putting it all together into a repeatable system.

About the Speaker:

Chris Whiteley is the “Web Swiss Army Knife” at bWEST Interactive. While his area of expertise is Blogging & WordPress Development, his experience has led him to be well versed in most aspects of “The Internets.” Chris has a healthy obsession with movie pop culture and cannot go a single day without making some kind of pop culture reference to make a point.


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