Session Title: Blueprint for accelerated business growth: Activating employee engagement in a digital age

Session Extract:

In a social media world where GREAT travels fast, TERRIBLE travels faster and mediocrity doesn’t travel at all, Business owners no longer have an option NOT to be GREAT when it comes to the workplace culture they create and sustain. This workshop presents a fresh blueprint for winning not only the war for talent but creating a unique competitive advantage in today’s unforgiving economic climate and is based on 8 core principles for social workplace success that she has shared with over 250 Canadian organizations to date.

Audience will

  1. Have a chance to assess their own workplace culture against the 8 principles
  2. Q&A and small group discussions with a team of hand picked social media and HR advisors
  3. Gain fresh and implementable ideas to create the shift they need with their employees

Joining Denise and Christine will be a hand picked team of HR leaders & Social Workplace advisors who will guide discussion and share their experience in the topic areas.

Who should attend:

  • Business owners and team leaders
  • All levels of HR leaders
  • CEO, CIO, CMO and key decision makers
  • Board Directors
  • Employees who are inspired to be game changers

What to bring – your smart phone/tablet

About the Speaker:

Christine is the Founder of Canada’s only Social Workplace Summit IMPACT99 and has spoken to both public sector, private sector and small business audiences across Canada on topics ranging from digital and future workplace trends and Millenial leadership. When she is not igniting game changing conversation, she can be found running and skiing the trails of BC’s Sea to Sky region- Squamish and Whistler which she calls home.

With over 20 years experience in senior operational and HR roles, Christine McLeod is poised to change the face of Canadian workplaces. She helps purpose-driven C-suite and business leaders rise above day-to-day operations to synthesize the meaning of information around them, translating it from high level aspiration to bottom line application—with a clear purpose of creating a more connected future workplace! Christine is known as Chief Possibilities Officer and trusted advisor for business leaders driven to create Canada’s most powerful workplace cultures aligned for business success.


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