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Session Title: Current Events and Security in Social Media

Session Extract:

Reputation is one of the most valuable assets of any online presence. When your level of security is threatened your reputation is damaged and the threat of identity theft increases. Current examples of security concerns will be examined and elaborated on how to prevent such instances. We will bring to light behind the scenes activities identity thieves and cybercriminals don’t what the public to know about. Internet and social media security unfortunately is a reactive policy that needs to change, now is the time to take action and protect yourself.

About the Speakers:

Darren Laur is currently a Staff Sergeant with the Victoria City Police Department, with over 26 years of law enforcement experience, and is an internationally recognized safety expert, published award winning author and highly sought after speaker who specializes in the area of personal safety and self protection both in the real world and the cyber world. He has presented to over 93,000 student within the province of British Columbia to date and is on target to reach 100,000 by the end of March 2013 on the very topic of social media identity and safety.

Darren has presented at Social Media Camp for the last 2 years and last year co-presented with his son, Brandon Laur, on the topic of social media safety and received positive feedback audience on the topics presented. Brandon, for the past eight years, has been teaching security and safety awareness with his father. He observes the impact of how new technologies being produced every day are used by those who intend on circumventing weaknesses overlooked in order to con unaware users out of their money and identity. As a Psychology student at the University of Victoria he also views security through a psychological lens. Brandon’s real world experience as a teen with Social Media and the Internet has played a major role in the development of all of our Internet and Social Media safety programs.


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