Creative Director

Ideation + Persuasion 

Session Title: Stuck for idea? 6 easy ways to unlock creative block for your organization 

Session Extract:

Having problems coming up with ideas for your brand? Stuck for inspiration for your next Facebook promotion? Intimidated by have to create Social Media content all the time? Think your organization isn’t creative or your brainstorming sessions aren’t productive?

Join me for some simple idea generating tips & tools that’ll unlock your inner creative. You may not be the next Da Vinci or Jobs, but you can walk away without having to utter the phrase “I have no idea where to start” ever again!

About The Speaker: 

Darren is full of ideas.

And he helps companies come up with them. Big ideas, little ideas, and the strategically focused medium-sized ones that shift perception, sell products and rejuvenate brands.

A seasoned, internationally award-winning advertising creative director whose career path was predetermined when his parent’s named him after the character on TV Series Bewitched, Darren’s client list has included some of Canada’s (and BC’s) leading brands –  Tim Hortons, Labatt’s, Cadbury & ICBC to name a few.

Darren currently leads brainstorming sessions for left-brained companies, supplies ideas for agencies, and helps start-ups with brand development & creative strategy. And has lots of fun doing it.


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