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Session Title: Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Session Extract:

All those lunchtime meals and shoe snapshots that fill up your feed? They’re major game changers—in the cultural narrative realm. And as the recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook proves, images have become the main medium in which we tell our stories. Moreover, it’s likely that visual documentation within the social sphere has not even reached its saturation point yet. Focusing on two lifestyle categories that have experienced rapid audience growth thanks to the parallel rise in category enthusiasts—from cultural foodies to personal style bloggers—the panelists will discuss emerging trends, how the medium has challenged narrative expectations, what this means for traditional image makers, as well as what the future content and commerce opportunities for these two verticals may hold—within the digital space and beyond.

About the Speaker:

Dennis has been developing and marketing websites since 1998. His specialties are branding, audience-centered strategy, information architecture, and content development. He brings a wealth of experience in Internet Marketing, including search engine optimization and social media marketing. He excels in creating visual interface systems to enhance navigation and to clarify complex content. His understanding of the entire development process and strategic Marketing help him bridge gaps between disciplines commonly found in web development teams. He brings a diploma in Advanced Internet Development from Bodwell Internet School, and combines it with a Marketing degree from Capilano University.

Dennis is a member of the British Columbia Chapter of the American Marketing Association, North America’s largest marketing association. He is also serves on the committee for Vancouver’s chapter of Social Media Club, is an external advisor for SFU’s and UBC’s Social Media Network, and is also an active member of his local BNI chapter.


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