Digital Community Facilitator

Ryerson University

Session Title: Hot Or Not: A Framework For Anticipating, Recognizing and Integrating The Next Big Thing In Social Media

Session Extract:

Pinterest and Instagram experienced meteoric growth this past year. While numerous brands were quick to jump on both platforms, many abandoned them shortly afterwards. The bandwagon effect, fundamental misunderstandings and poor integration are largely to blame for the many inactive and dying accounts across several applications. As new social media “arms races” heat up, the cycle is poised to continue and waste organizations’ time and money. By exploring concepts such as reverse mentorship and fundamentals analysis, this presentation will provide attendees with a framework for anticipating trends in social media, recognizing winning apps, and successfully integrating them into social strategy.

About the Speaker:

Hamza Khan is the Digital Community Facilitator at Ryerson University. In his role, he helps raise levels of social media and digital technology proficiency across the administration, with the goal of facilitating deeper and more authentic relationships between the institution and its students. A pop culture repository and cinephile, Hamza helplessly connects almost everything in his presentations back to movies, music and television. A list of his previous and upcoming presentations can be found here:


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