Keep It Simple Social Media

Session Title: Facebook From Head to Toe

Session Extract:

Facebook in business only works if you understand the dynamics of Engagement and Edgerank. It does not matter if you have 1000 followers – if you have “0” Talking About – no body will get your message. In this session: When to Post, What to Post, How to Promote a Post correctly, and how to get people from Facebook business pages to your website & be remembered. Cover Images & Photos we are in a virtual society today…

About the Speaker:

Heather teaches hands on social media bridging the distance between technology and your business being a success by utilizing the power of on-line marketing through building relationships… Heather teaches easy to use and understand social media because most of us just don’t have time on our runway of life to complicate it – Let’s Keep It Simple!

Born and raised in BC with 22 years in the Real Estate Industry -Diploma in Urban Land Economics specializing in marketing & development – Luxury Home Specialist – a student of life who learns through listening…


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