45 Conversations

Session Title: 45 Conversations: Using G+ Hangouts to Grow Your Connections & Your Opportunities

Session Extract:

In this session, Jane will share the story of how hosting 45 G+ Hangouts On Air helped to increase the local and global opportunities
for her media & education company.  She will focus on the various ways that G+ Hangouts can be used to expand business & community
connections, increase face to face & online conversations and lead to amazing possibilities for collaboration in both business & life.

About the Speaker:

Jane Boyd is a conversationalist, educator, speaker, connector & global collaborator.  She is the CEO of 45 Conversations; a company which offers collaboration, marketing & education services. Partnering with product developers, events and other initiatives; 45 Conversations develops conversation campaigns that build awareness and incorporate social marketing activities to drive interaction levels.

She is exceptionally passionate about the ways that new media and transmedia can be used for collaboration building, storytelling and practicing generosity – in business and in life. Jane is one of the co-hosts of Business Jazz; a podcast with partners based in England, Ireland and Canada. Additionally, with more than 20 years experience consulting on work-life issues, early learning and education; Jane has been involved with many of the leading corporate work-life and early learning solutions in Canada.

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