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Session Title: Google+ can help you win friends and influence people! … or just help you establish some street cred!

Session Extract:

Google+ has been viewed with skepticism by some in the social media industry since its beta launch in June, 2011, but today, it is anything BUT a “ghost town.” With over 300 million active users, it is reportedly the second largest social media platform out there, with active users spending an average of 60 minutes per day on it!

But, in fact, Google+ is not a social media platform in and of itself, but rather a social layer that sits on top of all the other tools that Google has developed.

As a social layer, it has tremendous potential for:

a.. Helping people with similar interests and values find each other and connect;

b.. Helping content creators establish their position as trusted experts in their field; and

c.. Bring a whole new dimension to location searches for bricks and mortar operations!

More recently, they have rolled out Communities which are proving to be a significant focal point for in-depth conversations and sharing of expertise, and recently Google Authorship was rolled out – a tool that is tied to your individual Google+ profile that is shaking things up on the search results front. More importantly, the medium itself and the tools are allowing individual users to create new and innovative ways of interacting and creating communities of interest!

In this session, I’ll walk through a little bit of the “why” you might want to consider becoming more active on Google+, and then I’ll jump right into some real-life examples of the kinds of conversations and interactions playing out there, and the different wants in which companies are customizing the tools for themselves. I’ll also give you a brief overview of Google Authorship, with a couple of examples of how using the markup can help your content be seen!

About the Speaker:

Janice Mansfield is a personal chef who specializes in creating customized Meal Plans and baking for people with food sensitivities. She also provides gluten-free baking for sale in 5 coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants in Victoria. Janice is an avid social media user, since her first encounters with ravelry and Twitter back in the day, and now will give most new platforms a test drive!

She has been active on Google+ since July 2011, and continues to check in there daily. In 2012, she was approached with the idea of using Hangouts to deliver content in new and innovative ways, and now teaches cooking classes on Google+ through

Janice enjoys classic cocktails and created a line of cocktail bitters for no other reason than she wanted chocolate bitters in her Manhattans! In her spare time, she documents the antics and unbearable cuteness of her two Shiba Inus over at Life in the Shiba Shack.


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