Session Title: Social HR Roulette: Always Bet On Brand

Session Extract:

The days of back room branding are over. Today, the power of your personal and employer brand is held in its authorship by your clients, customers, the public and… your employees. What information is guiding them when they write your story? The Google gossip engine? Does your digital footprint or lack of one create a straight path to your competitors with an invisible “exit only” strategy? In this interactive session, you will learn what it means to have an HR brand in the social era, why it’s important to leaders and organizations and how you can take control of your brand by making it human. The session will analyze case studies of businesses that are getting it right so you can start building your own brand architecture and designing the blue print to create conversations that will keep talent on your doorstep. It’s time to enter the world of social HR-driven business value or go virtually extinct. Is this a risk you can afford to take?

About the speaker:

Social media enthusiast, entrepreneur, social HR strategist and educator, Jeff is the Founder of Stratify, a social HR consultancy and SocialHRCamp, the first-ever global HR unconference.  With a background in business, HR and marketing, and a diverse career spanning all facets of HR Jeff has been carving out and leading the way in a growing niche that brings together HR, social media and business.  Founded in 2012 SocialHRCamp helps the global HR community adopt social media into HR business practices and will be running events in Canada, United States, Singapore, Philippines and India.

Jeff is an avid speaker, blogger and volunteer, with organizations such as the Sauder Business Club of Toronto, PACE Independent Living, Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, Podcamp Toronto, Freelancecamp Toronto, University of British Columbia Alumni Association, Society for HR Management—National (SHRM), Illinois State Council—Society for HR Management (ILSHRM), Humber College , Seneca College and Ted Rogers School of Management (Ryerson University).

When not working on a new idea, running an event, networking, speaking with business students or playing sports he can be found with his wife and three young boys in North Toronto.


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