Global Managing Director

Majestic Media

Session Title: How to Monetize Your Facebook Fans & Measure Results

Session Extract:

Marketers invest a lot of dollars in building up their audience on Facebook, some even go as far as spending millions of dollars to do so. But how can marketers get a return on investment that they can truly measure from that audience? Mario Zelaya, Global Managing Director for Majestic Media will outline how they figured out how to monetize Facebook fans through social advocacy. How they were able to build a Facebook application and marketing program that generated immediate and measurable results. Mario will outline tactics, strategy and a case study on how they were able to monetize Facebook audiences.

About the Speaker:

Mario Zelaya is the Global Managing Director of Majestic Media, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer and a Marketing Innovation & Technology agency. His extensive experience on the Facebook platform includes building out social strategy, campaign ideation, app architecture and social design for big brand clients such as Volkswagen, Kia, General Motors, Mazda, Gatorade, Hot Wheels, Infinity, Nissan, Visa and many others. Majestic Media works with big brands and agencies in helping them to build and engage audiences through Social Applications (e.g. games, contests, coupon redemption platforms, giveaways, custom platforms, etc.). With Mario’s leadership, Majestic Media has executed over 200 Facebook Marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world.


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