PR Director, Office Manager, Social Media Manager

Port Moody, BC

Session Title: Blogging Au Natural

Session Extract:

How do you start a blog, where do you get your ideas? How do you put your words on “paper.” My session will talk about the very fundamentals of blogging ideas. How to create your idea into words. How to shoot from the hip, and Blog from the Heart. From blogging for work, or blogging for fun – I want to help beginners come up with ways to educate and have fun with their audiences. Everything starts out as an idea, but it can take some getting used to sharing to put it out there. I blog for social media camp! 😉

I tweet – a lot. I care a lot about where ideas come from, and because I’ve only been blogging since 2007 – I can remember what it’s like to start out. I’m not an expert, and I think that people will really be able to relate to me. C’mon – Give me a shot! 🙂

About the Speaker:

I’m a Northern Ontario gal living life on the West Coast. I love food, serif fonts, social media, llama’s and sloths (not necessarily in that order). I cook from scratch every day, blog from the heart and yearn for my “raison d’etre.” I get up with a smile on my face, and thank life for having me. I love community engagement, and food education.

Writer for Geek Magazines, as well as a PR Director/Office Manager & Social Media Manager at  a Naturopathic Clinic in Port Moody BC. I volunteer my time as a contributing blogger to Social Media Camp, and Food Revolution Ambassador. I am also a 2012 West Coast Social Media award winner for best Facebook page, and 2011 Unsung Hero award winner for Community Activism (International Women’s Week).

I love Social Media, Cooking, and Photography, and know the world is better with all three in it.


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