Productivity and Time Management Specialist

Session Title: The Social Media/Productivity Balancing Act

Session Extract:

Staying connected and staying productive can be a very tricky thing to do. Sure, there are tools out there that will keep your feet somewhat planted in both camps, but the biggest tool for this is you. From exploring strategies, tools, and being mindful about using both, this session aims to show how you and your habits can make you the good kind of tool – as opposed to just being one.

Session Takeaways:

1. Attendees will have a better understanding of what social media is both for…and not for.

2. Attendees will leave with an ability to combat overwhelm in the realm of social media through the use of tools and tactics offered.

3. Attendees will learn beyond the “what”. They will learn the where, when, why, and how when it comes to balancing social media and productivity.

About the Speaker:

Mike Vardy is a husband, father, writer, podcaster, speaker, and “productivityist”.

In addition to writing for his personal weblog,, he continues to contribute guest articles to several online and print publications on the topic of productivity, time, and task management, including Lifehacker, GTD Times, and SUCCESS Magazine. He has served as Managing Editor at Lifehack, and as an editor at The Next Web and WorkAwesome.

Along with his written work, he has given talks on productivity and technology, as well as several featured keynotes and workshops related to time, project, and goal management. As a podcaster, he has created, produced, and hosted several over the years. He currently co-hosts Mikes on Mics with Michael Schechter, a podcast that is part of the popular 70Decibels network.

Mike lives in Victoria, BC, Canada with his amazing wife, daughter, and son.


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