Founder Salo Homes (Shanghai) and creator of China Cash Buyers

Session Title: Double your reach with Chinese social media

Session Extract:

To help you do business with Chinese people, we will start with an overview of social media in China and the differences in regulations, usage, how & why it’s used. How social media tools are altering Chinese society in deeper ways than other parts of the world.

You will learn how to leverage Chinese social media to promote events, grow your business and as an excellent branding/promotion tool. Hint… forget Twitter, YouTube and Facebook – they are not available inside the PRC. Think… Weibo, RenRen and Wechat.

We will also demonstrate ways how to read, translate effortlessly and reply to Chinese language messages and be relevant in this fascinating new ecosystem that you may have thought was closed to you. Chinese social media is open for business and business is good. Come, relax and soak in new information.

About the Speaker:

Paul Salo is an American entrepreneur who backpacked to Asia in 1989 with $500, a college diploma, a credit card, and few known skills but he never looked back. Since 1989, Paul has become fluent in both Chinese and Japanese, founded several companies ranging from executive recruiting to real estate. His current passion is for e-learning and coaching.

Paul has been featured in HGTV’s Living Abroad, Shanghai, Yomiuri Newspaper (world’s #1 circulation), China Business Network CBN, China Daily, Fox News Radio, Marketplace etc. He has helped Dreamworks Animation, The Ritz Carlton and Dell Computer executive teams relocate to China. He’s also recruited key executives for Microsoft, EMC, Parametric and Costco.

He is very active on Chinese social media and while not an “expert” per se, he utilizes its power to acquire new clients and stay current with social, economic, technological and political trends in and relating to the People’s Republic of China. Follow his China business and personal adventures at

In the wild, you will either find him brainstorming madly about business, technology or the future of the human race in Chinese, Japanese or English or taking his nightly 4 hour walks listening to audio books. teaches young people how to overcome barriers, follow their dreams and succeed overseas. is an A-Z info product and private coaching service helping North American real estate agents find and close deals with Chinese investors. is a residential real estate and corporate relocation firm in downtown Shanghai.