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Session Title: Social HR Roulette: Always Bet On Brand

Session Extract:

The days of back room branding are over. Today, the power of your personal and employer brand is held in its authorship by your clients, customers, the public and… your employees. What information is guiding them when they write your story? The Google gossip engine? Does your digital footprint or lack of one create a straight path to your competitors with an invisible “exit only” strategy? In this interactive session, you will learn what it means to have an HR brand in the social era, why it’s important to leaders and organizations and how you can take control of your brand by making it human. The session will analyze case studies of businesses that are getting it right so you can start building your own brand architecture and designing the blue print to create conversations that will keep talent on your doorstep. It’s time to enter the world of social HR-driven business value or go virtually extinct. Is this a risk you can afford to take?

About the Speaker:

Salima Nathoo is a Social Branding and Leadership Strategist who uses principles of emotional intelligence and authenticity to build brands that read like stories and businesses that breathe like people. She is Partner at SocialHRCamp (#SHRC), the first-ever global Unconference event for HR professionals that delivers the “how to” on driving business value through social media. In addition to running her own practice, Salima is an Associate at innovative business consultancies ViRTUS, Inc, and Authentic Leadership Global, Inc. Salima believes  “if you’re not giving back, you’re taking too much” (Robin Sharma) and serves as an Executive Advisor with Passion Foundation and as a Member on the National HR Development Board with the Ismaili Council for Canada, part of the Aga Khan Development Network. You can usually find Salima at a coffee shop with her “little black book of light-bulb moments” finding ways to ignite the magic that happens when the spirit of entrepreneurship & ideation harmoniously collide in the open hands of community.


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