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Session Title: The Future of Influence Marketing

Session Extract:

The practice of influence marketing, popularized by Daniel Edelman in the late 1960s is enjoying a renaissance in the social media era. As more and more consumers migrate to online communications, the concept of branding and advertising has been democratized. Increasingly, consumers are making decisions based on the attitudes and recommendations expressed by the masses and their peers, with whom they now have immediate and around-the-clock access.

Businesses are now competing with – and often losing to – “the wisdom of crowds” in the branding battle. Therein lays the opportunity that has spurred on the growth of modern influence marketing: identifying individuals who sway consumer opinion and solicit them to advocate on your behalf. Yet the early adopters attempting to capitalize on this opportunity by offering influence scoring platforms have been marred with criticisms of faulty algorithms, unethical behaviour and lack of measurable impact on the bottom-line.

This session will analyze the renewal of this marketing practice, the factors that impact how consumers are influenced to take action, and the challenges faced with current software solutions and strategies. Next the presenter will highlight a new methodology for how businesses can evolve this practice from a promotional and branding exercise to a measurable lead generation and sales conversion effort.

Key highlights: how to identify at what stage in the purchase life cycle target customers are at; how to identify the micro-influencers who directly impact purchase decisions at each stage; and the situational factors that contribute to derailing brand recommendations in social media.

About the Speaker:

Sam is the co-author of “Influence Marketing: How To Create, Manage and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media” and a Partner at Sensei Marketing, a consulting and technology firm focused on aiding global companies grow their business value through improved customer experiences.

He’s a 20 year sales & marketing veteran with over 1600 digital projects to his credit for clients including Morgan Stanley, AOL, Hyatt Gaming Management, Snyder’s of Hanover, Hitachi, the Home Depot, Kraft Foods, Drees Homes, American Idol, and hundreds more. Online Sam is a featured writer for the HuffingtonPost and principle blogger at SenseiBlogs. Elsewhere online Sam is the moderator of Twitter’s first weekly debate: #bizforum, which debates hot business trends and practices each Wed. night at 8pm Eastern.


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