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Session Title: The Online Playground: Cyber-Bullying

Session Extract:

The Online Playground: Cyber-Bullying, introduces parents, educators, administrators, and employers to a world that most are aware of, but have little idea how extensive and deep it goes. Attendees will learn and discuss where Cyber-Bullying happens, the sites that kids frequent to “hang-out”, how kids circumvent school rules around Social Media and technology use and how they hide that use at home.

Most important is that this presentation will provide the attendees the signs to look for in Cyber-Bullying from both sides, and the actions they can take to deal with it when they do.

About the Speaker:

Sean Smith is a Campbell River based Social Media consultant who is all about community. For the past few years he has been working at developing the Social Media profile of where he lives, through educating business owners and non-profit organization in the power of Social Media. A victim of bullying though out his school years, he has become a vocal advocate for anti-bullying campaigns and has done presentations on cyber-bullying for both parents and teachers. Sean is a regular contributor to the Social Media Camp blog and to As well, Sean was a Social Media coach at last year’s Social Media Camp and will be again this year. Sean will be available to help executives who are planning to attend to plan their conference calendar to maximize their experience at Social Media Camp.


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