Director Marketing Communications


Session Title: Assembling your posse: turning small budgets and scarce resources into Big Picture strategies

Session Extract:

A case study in explaining a small but complex educational technology organization to a busy, budget-crunched higher education audience. It isn’t easy with only one communications professional, one graphic designer and a modest budget – but it can be done. The secret: develop a solid plan, assemble a posse, shift resources around to use them more strategically, and let go of the notion you can be All Things to All People.

About the Speaker:

Tori Klassen is a former broadcast and print journalist, now a communications professional with 17 years’ experience in writing, media and public relations and strategic communications development. She has a B.A. and an M.A., which help her in her present job as Director of Communications for BCcampus – which persuades colleges and universities to adopt innovative educational technology solutions. Tori is  also a mid-packer marathon runner and triathlete in her spare time.


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