Digital Communications Strategist

Session Title: Driving Social Media Strategy with Conversations that Matter!

Session Extract:

What you will get out of Tyrell’s session:

  • Proven techniques and best practices to building your valuable online community.
  • The value of sharing your unique story and voice online.
  • Learning how to have powerful conversations through social media.
  • Developing an integrated social media strategy.
  • Using Twitter to find new leads and business opportunities.
  • Measuring your social media efforts and aligning measurement with outcomes.

In this session, Tyrell will guide audience members through the steps of building valuable and effective social media strategies. Tyrell will highlight the power of telling your unique story and having powerful conversations, which he has proven to be a formula to build valuable online communities.

Through the sharing of several powerful stories and examples, Tyrell will empower audience members with the keys to driving an authentic social media strategy.
Tyrell will then build on this foundation giving little known tips and best practices on executing this strategy effectively through social media channels.

To understand taking strategy through to implementation and measurement, Tyrell will share a case study of Tekara Organizational Effectiveness, who went from n0 social presence to tangible ROI, leads, and new clients in 6 months. This case study will highlight key measurements, and more importantly, Tyrell will discuss
the value of connecting your social media measurements to your desired outcomes and objectives.

Audience members will have the opportunity to reflect on key questions and concepts, ask questions live and via the Twitter hashtag, and engage in a fun and
insightful social media group exercise!

Please connect with Tyrell directly on twitter @TyrellMara if you have any questions about this session!

About the Speaker:

Tyrell prides himself in bringing a keen business sense to the digital and social fields. Tyrell is passionate about speaking on the topics of digital communications and leadership, delivering keynotes and presentations to businesses, associations, and interest groups across Western Canada.


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