Jeanette Miller

Jeanette Miller

Limelite PR

Panel Moderator:
Digital Moms: From Content, Campaigns to Commerce

Today’s moms are increasingly tech-savvy and connected, reflecting her desire for how technology should work for her. Moms not only control 85% of household spending but are also fueling the growth of social networks. Drawing on their experiences with moms using social media and the Internet to create and consume content, connect with other moms, and engage in task-oriented activities such as shopping online, we will explore the fundamentals on harnessing the power of the mom market.

Jeanette is a seasoned public relations practitioner with over 15 years of experience, and Limelite PR‘s chief mom-“knowledgist”. She is responsible for client engagement; account management, planning and helping companies build solid strategies for community building, She is a Gen X mom of two girls and resides in Victoria, BC.

Prior to founding Limelite PR in 2005, Jeanette spent a decade managing publicity, grassroots and media promotional campaigns for the film and cosmetic industries. In 2008 she had an entrepreneurial ‘a-ha’ moment when she recognized that moms were one of the world’s largest power-consumer forces and a top-tier community influencer; and social networks were booming because of moms. While this fascinating market grows and evolves, she continually expands and updates her knowledge in order to develop new approaches, innovative campaign concepts and foster mutually beneficial relationships between brands and moms.

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