Naomi Bishop

Naomi Bishop

Socialize Me

Linking your Facebook to Twitter Kills Kittens is all about ways to coordinate your marketing across a variety of platforms. The lazy way to get a message out is to send it from Facebook and let it automatically update to your Twitter account. It might not kill kittens, but it definitely kills marketing opportunities. Learn strategies that target the audience of each marketing platform (Facebook, Twitter, E-mail marketing, etc.) so that you can effectively get your message heard by people that are a member of any single platform without alienating people who are on all of them.

Naomi Bishop is the owner of Socialize Me, a traditional and social media marketing company in Seattle, Washington. Coming from a restaurant marketing background, Naomi found her passion in marketing through social media while promoting her own food blog, The GastroGnome. Using that experience, she became a social media strategist for a large national company. When the company closed its Seattle offices, Naomi spent her time helping friends with small businesses launch social and traditional media campaigns. From there, the efforts grew into what is now Socialize Me. You can also find Naomi teaching social media and related topics at Teach Me My Media and speaking at social media conferences.