Rob Stocks

Rob Stocks

ideaLEVER Solutions Inc.

Digital Moms: From Content, Campaigns to Commerce

Today’s moms are increasingly tech-savvy and connected, reflecting her desire for how technology should work for her. Moms not only control 85% of household spending but are also fueling the growth of social networks. Drawing on their experiences with moms using social media and the Internet to create and consume content, connect with other moms, and engage in task-oriented activities such as shopping online, we will explore the fundamentals on harnessing the power of the mom market.

Rob Stocks is the founder and President of ideaLEVER Solutions Inc. Specializing in software as a service (SaaS) content management and eCommerce, ideaLEVER has been helping customers use the Internet to grow their businesses since 1995.

ideaLEVER has worked with a wide range of companies from established retailers like Sport Mart, Roger’s Video, Quilt’s Etc., and Hatley, manufacturers like Robeez Footwear, and many start ups that represent the next wave of eCommerce success stories.

Over his 15 years in the industry, Rob has helped countless entrepreneurs leverage technologies to achieve measureable results and grow their businesses. His unique perspective on a wide range of eCommerce projects in a rapidly changing environment is grounded in solid business sense and a focus on ROI.