Shirley Broback

Shirley Broback

Laughing Belly Productions

Digital Moms: From Content, Campaigns to Commerce

Today’s moms are increasingly tech-savvy and connected, reflecting her desire for how technology should work for her. Moms not only control 85% of household spending but are also fueling the growth of social networks. Drawing on their experiences with moms using social media and the Internet to create and consume content, connect with other moms, and engage in task-oriented activities such as shopping online, we will explore the fundamentals on harnessing the power of the mom market.

Shirley Broback is a proud mom of two little ones, owner of Laughing Belly Productions and the producer of the Vancouver Island Baby Fair. With a background in event planning, marketing, sales & management, as well as the perinatal field, Shirley combined her passion, experience and skills together to create the Vancouver Island Baby Fair in 2007. Her sixth event takes place this fall.

Shirley earned the distinction of being named the 2009 SavvyMom Mom Entrepreneur of the Year by, an award she attributes in large part to a sustained social media campaign. Through speaking engagements and mentorship, Shirley supports other local mom-entrepreneurs in getting the word out about their business by stressing that the “build it and they will come” attitude isn’t good enough in today’s saturated market – you have to “build it, and then promote it!”

Shirley takes a multi-faceted approach to promoting the Vancouver Island Baby Fair, recognizing that a carefully planned mix of traditional media, new media, and grassroots public relations ensures the word gets out to as many young families as possible.