West Coast Social Media Awards

The first annual West Coast Social Media Awards is set to go on June 3, at 7:00. With more than 100 nominations this is going to be an EPIC event.

Who will be the first ever to take home a “Westie”?

Your 2011 categories are…

Pretty Serious Awards

1. Best Social Media Customer Service Award

Recognizes a company that has demonstrated excellence in providing customer service via social media channels.

2. Most Inspiring Social Media User

Recognizes a social media user (company, organization or individual) that has truly inspired those around them with their use of social media, whether it is for business, personal, or philanthropic.

3. Social Media Campaign of the Year

Recognizes the best social media campaign implemented by or for an organization in Western Canada. Nominated companies are required to provide a letter of support clearly explaining their strategy and results. The judges will consider creativity, sociability, and results achieved form the campaign.

4. Best Blog

Who has the best blog? It doesn’t have to be about any particular topic. It could even be a multi-author or company blog. Tell us which one you like the best!

Pretty Fun Awards

1. Funniest Profile Picture Award

Recognizes a social media user (company, organization or individual) with the funniest profile picture (Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn).

2. Funniest Tweet Award

Recognizes the Twitter user with the funniest tweet or series of tweets.

3. Most Likely To Become A Social Media Celebrity

Recognizes a social media user most likely to obtain “rock star” status.