New to Social MediaYou’re finally through with wishing it away, and decided it’s time to learn about how this whole Social Media thing works.

Social Media Camp is for you, too!

In fact, we have loaded the first half of Friday, June 3rd with hands-on workshops just for you. Learn the basics of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and HootSuite, step-by-step, with professionals and experts from Victoria and around North America.

Once you’ve got your feet wet, you’ll be ready to explore the many other sessions available. We have separated all our sessions into “Beginner” and “Advanced”, so you’ll have a pretty clear idea ahead of time where you want to go.

We also have the Genius Bar, a special place where you can hang out, and pick the brains of some of the speakers and other experts who are ready and able to help you with your specific questions in a small-group, or 1-on-1 session.

Don’t miss the numerous networking opportunities, including Friday’s Networking Dinner, to meet people and discuss innovative approaches to social media.

Once the weekend is over, you’ll already be tweeting, Facebooking and building your LinkedIn network, and wondering why you took so long to get started!

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Tickets are limited.