Crystal Henrickson

Crystal Henrickson

Director of Marketing, Canada

Session Title:
Making ‘cents’ of Transactional Social Media

Whether you’ve just merged onto the social marketing highway or have been cruising along with a fab collection of fans and followers, there is still so much to be learned about this vast phenomenon we call “social media”. Although the rules of engagement are always changing, a couple things are for sure: consumers are increasingly relying on online resources to make their buying decisions and, there is so much more to social marketing than simply having an online presence. In this session, we’ll discuss tips for navigating the online review space and the benefits to engaging consumers who are turning to online and mobile devices in order to make a spending decision.

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I’d studied Communications at SFU, became a makeup artist, a liquor rep, done some biz dev in cosmetics and helped small businesses with their marketing by the time I found my calling in the form of a Craigslist ad for Yelp Vancouver’s first Community Manager in the winter of 2009. As a one-woman show, I educated business owners on how to maximize their online presence, brought the online community together offline by hosting remarkable local events, and was the author of the Weekly Yelp newsletter, highlighting the most interesting happenings around town. Last summer, my online playground got bigger… as I help our team of Community Managers across Canada and the US West cultivate their own communities.