Darren LaurDarren Laur lives in Victoria British Columbia Canada with his wife Beth and their son Brandon.

Darren is currently a Staff Sergeant with the Victoria City Police Department, with over 25 years of policing experience. In 1993, both Darren and Beth started their company, Personal Protection Systems Inc., which specializes in teaching safety awareness and self protection strategies, and both have presented to thousands of men, women, and children as well as to schools, businesses, and government ministries.

Darren and Beth have written several books on the topics of personal safety, one of which won a provincial award. Beth oversees and runs the company, while Darren facilitates all their programs, or as Beth jokingly says, “She’s the brains behind the company, and Darren is the brawn.”

Presentation abstract:

  • Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship 101 For Parents and Adults
  • How To Keep You and Your Children Safer In The Cyber World

By the year 2009, it was estimated that there were approximately 1.7 billion people online, a large segment of which are children, pre-teens, teens, and young adults. As the Internet continues to grow in popularity, we are depending upon it more and more to conduct everyday life, which also includes the sharing of private and at times very sensitive information about ourselves with others on-line knowingly, and at times, unknowingly.

Many who are now on-line use the Internet for communication, entertainment, information gathering, socializing, and commerce. It is a reality however,  that the Internet (just like the real world) has also created a virtual environment where thieves, vandals, conartists, and sexual predators will hunt their prey. Unfortunately, many of us who are using the Internet are not taking the appropriate safety precautions to help mitigate the risks from those who might want to victimize our families on-line for their personal gain. Our Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship 101 seminars will provide information that will help to keep youth, adults, and families safer, while protecting their on-line digital footprint, when interacting in the cyber world.

Topics discussed in this seminar include:

  • What are our kids doing on-line
  • The threat of Internet pornography
  • When to be concerned when your child is on-line
  • The four step process to Internet safety that all parents should know
  • Hardware/Software monitoring/protection issues
  • Internet filtering the pros and cons
  • Internet Chat abbreviations and acronyms all parents should be aware of
  • What are Chat Rooms, Instant Messaging, and SMS/MMS texting and how to stay safe while using them
  • Cell phone/ Smart Phone and Web Cam safety
  • The good and bad of Social Networks such as “Facebook”
  • Safe gaming and Blogging
  • The dangers of Screen Names and Profiles
  • Who is the Internet predator
  • The Predator’s “grooming” process and the “lures” they use in Chat Rooms and Social Networks
  • How the Internet predator uses “Social Engineering” to build rapport
  • Actual Social Engineering examples using local teen profiles on Facebook and Nexopia
  • What is Cyber Bullying/Violence and what can be done to stop it
  • What is Sexting and what be done to stop it
  • The law as it relates to Cyber Bullying and Sexting and their unintended consequences
  • Why Schools have a part to play
  • The “dark side” of the Internet

It is a fact that most youth and teenagers know more about the workings of the Internet, than we as parents/adults do.  This seminar is designed to educate even the most computer illiterate parent/adult.  Knowledge and the understanding and application of that knowledge is power.  This seminar will provide the knowledge and information that parents and adults need to know specific to Internet Safety, Digital Citizenship and Privacy Issues while interacting in the cyber world.