Janet Moody

Janet Moody

Chief Talent Officer
Digital Bloom West

Session Title:
HR and Social Media

Everyone is buzzing about #socialrecruiting. How can you use social media to connect with potential employers and engage with hiring managers? Is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube the most effective tool to use in your job search? How is your Klout score impacting your search? Find out how recruiters and HR departments are using social media to hire quickly and effectively. We will share best practices and strategies to help you grow your career and help your company grow your team.

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Janet Moody founded Digital Bloom West and serves as Chief Talent Officer. Her vision for the company reflects fifteen years of experience with leading creative recruitment firms in the San Francisco Bay area and creative agencies in Toronto. Specializing in the digital, interactive, and technology sectors, Janet is particularly adept at understanding the career goals of creative and technical professionals as well as the strategic priorities of hiring organizations while finding a complementary cultural fit for both.

Working with a particularly diverse clientele, Janet has partnered with global advertising agencies, Fortune 500 clients, branding design firms and technology start-ups leading to her in-depth grasp of creative, branding, technical, account and social media needs in a variety of environments and locations (Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle and San Francisco).

Her creative career advice has been sought after by Business Week’s Guide to Careers, Artlines, National Arts Jobbank and Catalyst. She has served on creative career panels at leading universities and for professional association networks. Janet holds a BA from Bennington College and an MS from Southern Connecticut State University.